CST Tire Treadwear Rules Change

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Re: CST Tire Treadwear Rules Change

Post by Mike Simanyi » Tue Oct 02, 2018 5:44 pm

David, you know I respect you a lot. I appreciate your comments, but I still fail to see how this helps our current or prospective members.

Right now we have CSM and CST. It seems to me we're trying to move the bar so that someone, or maybe a couple someones, can put tires on that are currently not legal in CST and run there. That will either start a land war in China (gotta buy better tires) or kill participation in the class.

If the people who want to run 100 TW tires simply enter in CSM, there doesn't seem to be a practical conflict. Why wouldn't we simply steer them into CSM instead of "forcing" all the CST participants to go buy new tires? And if we're worried that someone running the current Hoosier du jour would have the same effect on the CSM people, why wouldn't we simply state that CSM is for 70TW - 139TW tires? (Pick a floor number - I just used 70 to make the point.) Since people are not generally looking to drive on the street with A7s, that wouldn't be a bad alternative. California Street Modified / Touring isn't really intended for people trailering their cars to events. Real street tires for both classes makes sense to me.

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