Expanding CAM-S, who do I need to ask?

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David Barrish
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Expanding CAM-S, who do I need to ask?

Post by David Barrish » Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:37 pm

New year, new quest.

With San Diego being one of the origination points of this series I though this event might be a good place to offer a change.

First, I understand that the "A" is to denote American. Next, technically BMW's made in South Carolina are not American, but...

My request to be to able to run a Z3 M Coupe in CAM-S. The wheelbase is 96.8 in. The car weights 3130 lbs. And, it has a 6 cylinder engine.

I would be happy to run in some sort of "proof of concept" twilight status. Who do I contact at the home office to take my money and let me run at the event?

One more car with two drivers could help the car count, right? Yes, the car can run STR. But if they open the door.....

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Sean Fenstermacher
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Re: Expanding CAM-S, who do I need to ask?

Post by Sean Fenstermacher » Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:58 pm

It would be awesome to see CAM type classes offered for the import crowd!

You might need to write a letter to change the current wording to allow foreign brands:

APPENDIX B - CLASSIC AMERICAN MUSCLE (CAM) Rationale: The purpose of CAM is to attract automobile enthusiasts who are currently interested and/or participating in Goodguys®, Ultimate Street Car Association®, or other similar events for “classic” vehicles manufactured in North America by “The Big Three” based in the US - GM, Ford, and Chrysler (AMC is also included). These avid enthusiasts would largely be a new and different group to join us as SCCA® members and participants. Regions are encouraged to offer this great recruitment tool using a single CAM class or more to encourage Classic American Muscle car enthusiasts to join the fun at your SCCA® Solo® events!

I know locally you could still run it in CST at least!

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Anthony P.
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Re: Expanding CAM-S, who do I need to ask?

Post by Anthony P. » Mon Jan 02, 2017 6:10 pm

Idk like to see a German Cam and a Japan Cam... DTM-S and Type-S

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