General Classing Tips 2010 [DEPRECATED]

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General Classing Tips 2010 [DEPRECATED]

Post by Michael Palero » Sun May 25, 2008 7:24 pm

2010 is here and so are the new rules.

Please note:
STR now exists!
STS is now ST
STS2 is the new STS
SM2 is now SSM
Update your class magnets accordingly!

The 2010 SCCA SOLO Rulebook:
2010 Rulebook Posted Mar 8, 2010

This is a General Classing Guide.
Every year, cars can be moved from class to class by the SCCA. It is the competitor's responsibility to make sure his or her car is properly classified by making sure to read the latest rules.

I've got lowering springs on my Civic Si! Where can I go?
Spring changes are not allowed in stock class. You can go to any prep level higher than Stock. Examples for a 1991 Civic Si: ST, FSP

I've got a boost controller on my Evo!
Boost changes are not allowed in Stock nor ST* (STS STX STU...) classes. You can go to *SP (ASP BSP CSP...) and higher.

My Mustang has a same manufacturer engine swap!
SM / SSM / Prepared / XP
SM rules allow

I've got an S2000 motor in my AE86 Corolla!

Stock Classes: R-Compound Tires Allowed!
Alternatively, if one wants to run street tires on a Stock Prepared car, one can run SK1 or SK2.

ST* Classes (ST STX STU...): Street tires of 140 treadwear or higher only

*SP Classes (ASP BSP CSP DSP ESP FSP): DOT R-Compounds

SM/SSM: DOT R-Compounds

Prepared/Modified (AM EP): Full Race Slicks

Brief Overview of SCCA Solo Classing: ... gories.pdf

Stock Car Classing by Make: ... cturer.pdf

Popular Street Touring Classing: ... cturer.pdf

Street Prepared Classing
by Class by Make

Levels of Preparation Progression [less to more preparation]
Stock -=> Street Touring*-=> Street Prepared -=> Prepared -=> Modified
* Only if car is eligible for Street Touring (ST STX STU) classing.
Touring: ST, STS, STX, STU, STR
Street Prepared: ASP BSP CSP DSP ESP FSP
Prepared: AP BP CP DP EP FP
Modified: AM BM CM DM EM FM
Modified: SM SM2
Local Classes: SK1 SK2 CSM CST CPM SST PAX

SK1: (Street Tire, Stock Car 1)
SS AS BS & FS only.
Stock Preparation Level Cars, 140 treadwear or higher street tires only
Times are indexed car class.

SK2: (Street Tire, Stock Car 2)
CS DS ES GS & HS only.
Stock Preparation Level Cars, 140 treadwear or higher street tires only.
Times are indexed by car class.

CSM: (California Street Modified)
Car must be registrable in California.
Times are not indexed.

CST: (California Street Touring)
All Cars Eligible. Official rule: "Car must be registrable in California."
Times are not indexed.

CPM: (Combined Preps and Mods)
All Prepared (not *SP [street prepared] cars) & Modified Cars excluding SM & SM2
Full Racing (non DOT approved) Tires Allowed.
Times are indexed by car class.
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