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proprietary information

Post by KJ Christopher » Fri May 14, 2010 3:39 pm

There are certain data related to our operating contracts that should remain confidential and not be discussed or distributed outside of the Board/Committee meetings. Recently, there have been a few slips where well-intentioned club members have disseminated this info into the public domain. While this wasn't done out of malice or disagreement - it was primarily due to a significant lapse in judgment - it nonetheless puts our organization and its ability to negotiate at a great disadvantage. This cannot be emphasized enough. Go back and re-read that statement - yes it is that serious.

The only item related to finances that should be discussed verbally or in writing outside of Board/Committee meetings is the entry fee for the various events. Specific insurance costs, lot rental costs, equipment rental costs, etc., are not items that should be discussed without great discretion. If someone requests such info, they should be directed to Mike, Max or KJ. Please do not 'trust' anyone with this info - instead, direct them to us for further discussion.

Keep in mind, all most people want to know is that,"it costs thousands of dollars to pull off one of these weekends." And if you say that, I suspect that 90% of the people will walk away satisfied with the answer. If they need to know more than that, they need to speak to one of the officers.

Thanks for your consideration in this matter.
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