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Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2012 6:48 am
by KJ Christopher
This isn't new, but I thought I'd post here as a reminder and to make it easier to find later.

If you finish in an award (trophy) earning position on Autocross Sunday, you will be issued Solo$ by default. If you would rather have a physical trophy, you must contact Gayle Jardine to let her know.

This was done due to the number of physical trophy selections that were done in error. We find that it is much easier and cheaper to delete your name from the Solo$ list and buy you a trophy than to sell the trophy you didn't really want on the used trophy market....

Also, you need to be somewhat current on your requests. There is some flexibility here, but I'd rather not see a request for the past eight events.

For reference, depending on which update has happened or has not happened on the timing system, the Ts marked on the results may not be in line with our supplemental regulations on awards for Autocross Sunday. (Section 7.11 at ... s_2012.pdf" onclick=";return false;)