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Roll Bar in Street Class

Postby Ed T » Fri Feb 24, 2017 10:59 pm

Hi everyone, question about roll bars in street class. I need a roll bar before participating in SCCA Track Nights in America events but I want to stay in E Street with my MR2 Spyder. I'm looking at this single diagonal Hard Dog roll bar but it requires removal of the plastic storage bins behind the seats. The rules for Street class states the following:

"Roll bars may be added. Roll bars may be welded in. Standard roll-over hoops and covers may be removed if the resulting installation meets Appendix C.A, Basic Design Considerations. The total weight of components added must not be less than that of components removed."

I'm certain the roll bar will weigh more than the plastic bits behind the seats, and the Hard Dog rollbar is advertised as SCCA Solo I compliant. My question is, will this roll bar be legal in E Street? Asked in a different way, do you foresee any issues with this bar in street class?

Thanks in advance!
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