Worker Preferences Tips and Tricks

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Worker Preferences Tips and Tricks

Post by Anthony P. » Mon Mar 05, 2018 7:10 pm

For the March event I developed a process by which the work assignments can be assigned beforehand. This was done for a few reasons;

1) To ensure the people that were listed as not able to run for long periods were placed as best as possible.
2) To ensure that we have all the core positions covered and that the people that volunteered have the requisite experience or full SCCA membership if required.
3) To encourage people to register early because the earlier you register, the more likely you'll receive your preferred work assignment
4) To make the registration check-in process faster.
5) To give the worker chief information sooner to better serve our members.
6) To give the timing chief the information sooner to better balance our groups.

So, how can you get the work position you want? Here are some suggestions to help with that;

1) Register Early! While we initially try work around those people who can't run for medical reasons, people will be placed based on reg date and time. (and a side note to those people, being a chief rarely requires running)
2) Choose something you have been trained for. If you shadowed at a previous event and are therefore unknown to know that particular position send the event master or worker chief a message or email and let them know.
3) Make your 2nd choice different than the first. This is your 2nd chance to get a position you prefer!

As always if you want to learn new positions, we have been training people at every event! Email to request training for a position you want! The April event opens Friday!

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