H Street Bolt EV ProSolo codrive available

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Eric Wong
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H Street Bolt EV ProSolo codrive available

Post by Eric Wong » Fri Mar 16, 2018 1:16 pm

Any experienced FWD drivers want to take a stab at this for the ProSolo? The single-speed transmission is easy-to-launch and there's few moving parts to break or wear out compared to a normal car doing drag launches.

It'll probably be the quickest car off the line in H Street with peak torque at 0 RPM; but it's also heavy (nearly 3600lbs empty) because of the 900lb battery on the floor. The battery also gives it a low CG so body roll is minimal despite being the tallest car on grid.

Tires are Nexen SUR4G 225/45-R17, everything else is from the factory and I have a CG-Lock. My front tires have 6/32" left, but one rear is around 2/32" and the other at 3/32" (they were in front at the last event). I don't expect the rears to wear much at all.

Text me for faster response: three-two-three four-four-seven 7428

Edit: got two new Hankook R-S4 225/45-R17 on Sonic LTZ 17x6.5 rims as spares and they're mostly broken in. Offset is reduced by 2.5mm (41.5 vs 44) so it slightly widens the track. These Sonic 5-spokes (no groove) are the best looking wheels I've seen on the Bolt by far! I'll probably put the Nexens on over the weekend since they're still lighter from wear and the fronts are in great shape. Also not sure it's worth having TW200 tires in the back of a FWD car vs TW300 summer tires.

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