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Would you like to instruct as your work assignment? - 4/15

Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:37 pm
by Leonard Cachola
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That's right folks, your dream autocross job is available! You could be an instructor as your work assignment!
I am looking for ONE instructors for the FIRST group. Our problem with that is pre-running the course disqualifies a driver for championship points... which means you will have to run as TIME ONLY, though you can still run with your class if you like.

We are looking for two seasoned drivers who wouldn't mind giving up champ points for a chance to instruct for their work assignment - trust me, it's much better than working course. You must have competed in at least half the events of the last two seasons or have instructed at a championship or one of our schools to participate.

Please send me (Leonard) a PM (private message) through this message board by Friday evening.