Please read: Thank you - course workers

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Please read: Thank you - course workers

Postby Stephen Yeoh » Tue Jul 18, 2017 9:14 pm

As all of you know, our events are based on a run/work requirement. Living in California, sometimes that means working on hot or heaven forbid, a rainy day. The work assignments can be long and tiring, but are part of our events. Thank you for honoring your commitment in order to be able to play with our club.

Because we depend so much on volunteers, I'd like to make sure that everybody recognizes that when you don't work, or show up late for work, the burden falls on somebody else - another volunteer. This behavior places an unfair (and in my opinion, an unacceptable) burden on the other workers that are responsible, and do show up on time for their entire work assignment.

We do our best to schedule the run groups to give you time to put your car away, and report for work. Please do your best to show up on time, when called (or based on time). Showing up late is inexcusable. I'm sure there are valid reasons - like blowing up a motor, but they are for the worker chief to resolve for you. This isn't intended to be an all inclusive post.

On a practice day in particular, if you decide to leave early, you are still required to work for each session that you have run. Once this requirement has been accomplished, please do us a favor, and let the worker chief know as workers may have to be moved around to provide proper coverage for the afternoon session.

Thank you for doing your part to help our club host successful events!

Now, for the down side. It has come to my attention that we have had some worker issues at the last few practice events. I take a very dim view of somebody being selfish. We are going to start announcing at events that if a work assignment is missed without being properly excused, there will be penalties that may range from requiring you to work an additional shift at a subsequent event, always being placed in a work group before you run, to being banned for up to 3 events. In addition, those that miss work will have their names posted on the forum for all to see. Not very nice I know, but every action has a consequence and I fully intend to have this enforced.

I'm happy to discuss any concerns you might have - come look for me at any event. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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