Pictures from 9/23 Practice

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Nam Phung
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Pictures from 9/23 Practice

Postby Nam Phung » Sun Sep 24, 2017 3:05 am

I snapped close to 600 photos at the event. I wish I could have snapped everyone but I only took picture between my runs and work. I hope that the pictures get to their respective owners. Only request is that if you post to instagram, please tag me @phungn or credit. I'm a bit curious where the picture end up. If you have any problems let me know. ... HPcSZbTcQI

Probably one of my fav shots

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Ed T
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Re: Pictures from 9/23 Practice

Postby Ed T » Sun Sep 24, 2017 6:30 pm

Thank you Nam Phung! First time local photos of my car! :clap:
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Re: Pictures from 9/23 Practice

Postby Chad-1stGen » Sun Sep 24, 2017 7:01 pm

I was also out there shooting a few photos on practice day. I got some great panning / speed shots with one of the El Toro Hangers in the background. I posted them to the Facebook page. Check it out here: ... 3c330a1f41

Here is an example:

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James Yom
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Re: Pictures from 9/23 Practice

Postby James Yom » Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:10 pm

Thanks Nam for the pics! You have good taste in cars 8-)

Hope to see you out at the next event in yours!

Oscar Espinosa
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Re: Pictures from 9/23 Practice

Postby Oscar Espinosa » Tue Sep 26, 2017 9:23 am

Here's a 2 videos of my many runs on Saturday.

With a 360 cam:

Regular Go Pro version:

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Re: Pictures from 9/23 Practice

Postby Eyezack87 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 10:02 pm

Using wider wheels, tires, and new alignment set up makes for a long day of learning on Saturday Practices. I have to mess with it more since I lost my ability to have lift off oversteer but I'm happy with how it sticks now.

My run:

Kai Hur's run/opinion of my car as it sits:
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