Wanted: 225/45/15 tires; RA1, BFG...

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David Barrish
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Wanted: 225/45/15 tires; RA1, BFG...

Postby David Barrish » Tue Sep 09, 2014 6:10 pm

Newer car, new tire requirements.

The car is a 1988 BMW (go figure) E30 built in 2007-12 to NASA GTS2 rules. I will start with what I know, tipping cones, then move on to TT and BMW club events.

The car is all steel, stock fenders and no wing. The car was running RA1's on 15X7 rims and they would be my first choice. I am asking and will accept appropriate alternatives.

The car was purchased in La Quinta from a gentlemen who had the fluids freshened and did one session on a track. Having cured himself of the need for speed he put it up for sale.

Toby, are you available to take a look at this thing before I shift it into 3rd gear?

Thank you in advance for your pending, helpful, comments.


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Toby Larsson
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Re: Wanted: 225/45/15 tires; RA1, BFG...

Postby Toby Larsson » Tue Sep 09, 2014 9:45 pm

I've been very happy with the BFG's in both R1 and R1-S, similar grip to a Hoosier R or A but lasts much longer. The RA1 will be slower but will last even longer, a good alternative would be the Nitto NT01 wich is in between the Toyo RA1 and 888.

CalClub will run a two day TT in conjunction with the Club Race at the end of October at Buttonwillow, would be a great first time out for you. I'll be there that weekend and this upcoming weekend too.

I'll be at the El Toro PCA event next weekend, I could look it over then if you're coming out.

TT link https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/ca ... A_Wubd0xjo

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Bobby Beyer
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Re: Wanted: 225/45/15 tires; RA1, BFG...

Postby Bobby Beyer » Wed Sep 10, 2014 8:03 am

I'm running BFG R1S on a Bspec car, I couldn't tell you much about the tire aside from they have quite a bit more grip than Hankook RS3, BFG Rivals, and heatcycled Hoosier R6s. I've gotten about 7 heat cycles out of my R1S and there just about corded, but thats on a softly sprung camber challenged car. You might wanna look at the Toyo RR, I know some of the Nasa SM guys are getting 30 heatcycles out of them, but they're not as fast as the BFG or Hoosier offerings.
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