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MR2 Spyder For Sale

Postby Jason Javier » Sat Jun 17, 2017 8:45 am

I was never a competitive driver so I left this Spyder completely stock. With the right driver and tuning you can beat that Miata in your class ;) Current tires are Yokohama S Drives.

Craigslist Post: ... 03472.html
Year: 2000
Model: Toyota
Make: MR2 Spyder
Miles: 133k
VIN: JTDFR3203Y0021094
Transmission: Manual/Stick Shift
Location: Burbank, CA at the corner of Alameda and Buena Vista

The MR2 Spyder is an absolute blast to drive and is a real sports car even if underpowered. What I love most about the MR2S is the sensation you're going fast even when you're not due to being so low to the ground, the open top, and the engine behind you. I was driving through La Tuna Canyon Rd with my wife; she thought I was going really fast and speeding but when we looked at the speedometer we were going the same speed she drives her Matrix, the Spyder only "feels" fast which is more important to me because I'd rather have the sensation of going fast while still staying safe. In comparison my A5 replacement car hits 80 mph and you don't even know it (but it makes for a better long commuter).

What sets the Spyder apart from other similar cars is its mid-engine design. The engine sits in front of the rear axle improving the driving dynamics to be a lot more balanced than traditional front engine cars. The other thing I like about it is they sold less than 20k of them in the US. Unlike the Mazda Miata MX5 which are all over the place, you don't see a lot of Spyders. The mid-engine design also makes it look sporty and foreign. With an MR2Spyder you get a lot more bang for your buck than any other car on the road.

Free VIN Check: ... report.php
Midengine driving characteristics:

- Cash only in person transaction.
- Clean title in hand.
- Stock car with no modifications ever done except swapping out the radio/speakers with one that supports BlueTooth.
- I've autocrossed it a half a dozen times but it's never been on a real track (it's not allowed unless you install a roll bar).
- I purchased it March 2012 with 54k miles and it's been my daily driver ever since. Mostly freeway miles from Tujunga/Burbank to Westlake Village.
- I consistently get 33 MPG when I fill up.
- I've never had any major issues with it other than normal mainteance upkeep.
- It's a Toyota so repairs and maintenance are cheap!
- Top was replaced by previous owner in ~2010. It's still in good condition.
- Engine compartment needs some convincing to open because the cable is a bit slack but easy enough with a screwdriver.
- A ~4" circle of clear coat has come off the hood, I think it was due to a bad wax job; it came that way.
- The dinging reminder when you leave the lights on and take the keys out, doesn't sound. I haven't looked at fixing it but shouldn't be too hard.
- A neighbor accidentally backed into the rear corner of the car. You can hardly notice unless you're looking for it.
- When it rains water gets stuck in the soft top compartment. Water normally drains down through there but I think the drain is plugged so it doesn't flow out as easily.
- About three years ago the car started having problems starting when putting gas in. It turns over at firt but then dies. You have to let it turn over a few times after letting it die once and it starts. Or you can wait 8 minutes and it will start fine. I've taken it to two different mechanics and they haven't been able to figure out the issue. They've done a smoke test but didn't find anything. It's only an issue when adding gas otherwise you'd never know about it. Every other time it starts fine normally the first time. This is the only real mechanical issue. I've been driving it that way daily for three years.
- I've told you about all the problems I know upfront. The price is already lower than what you'll find other MR2 Spyders listed on Craigslist, especially for 133k in good working order. If you prefer to negotiate I can change the list price to $3,500 and let you talk me down ;)

Jason Javier
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Car#: 700

Re: MR2 Spyder For Sale

Postby Jason Javier » Sat Jun 17, 2017 1:39 pm


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