2014 AXR #1 For Sale

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Don Goetz
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2014 AXR #1 For Sale

Post by Don Goetz » Tue Sep 18, 2018 3:24 pm

Built in 2014 by Stalker Cars and Scott Minehart. AXR #1 (auto Cross Racer) Level 6 with all new parts including 2014 LS3 crate eng, Tremec 6spd trans and Cadillac independent rear end. 2 sets of 13" Keizer wheels 13"x10" frt and 13"x14" rears. This car weighs in under 1700# and has 430hp.
Upgrades since then include, A much lighter 2016 Jerico 4sp Road Racing trans with straight cut gears, no synchromesh but (clutch less) dog engagement with 1000 lbs torque capacity and 900 gear ratio combinations. Right now I have 2 first gears one for small courses and one for larger. Top speed in each gear right now is 1st-67.4mph, 2nd 1st- 82.6mph, 3rd 105.5mph, 4th 141.3mph with any combination you might want to change them to.
Factory improvements include stronger rear A arms and Differential brace.
Also Advance Racing Suspensions custom built shocks. Sent them motion ratio's at every 10th of an inch of travel 1" above and below ride height for frt and rear suspension , corner weight, sprung weights and unsprung weights before they could build me the right shocks. They talked me into only adjustable rebound but they can still redo the shocks with both adj comp and rebound if you desire. Have changed the frt and rear coil over spring rates to match as close as possible current 2015-2018 2nd place National placing EM car from Jason Minehart.
This also includes 2014 Pace Outback enclosed trailer (as pictured), Long Acre cross weight scales, many extras I can't think of , receipts, log book, charts, extra tranny gears, extra suspension springs, throttle body and anything that I can't use. Comes with Hoosier R25b slicks with 10 runs on them.
This is a SCCA Emod Nationally competitive turnkey setup. Car has never been registered but is setup to be road legal. (needs horn and frt turn signals)
This car and trailer, x- set of wheels, scales and many extras, Only asking $45k, owner’s health forces sale.
You can contact Scott Minehart from Stalker Cars for more details about the build at scott.bruntonauto@gmail.com or call 386-931-6437.
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