EvoSchool Oct 19-20th filling up fast

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EvoSchool Oct 19-20th filling up fast

Post by Anthony P. » Tue Sep 24, 2019 5:13 pm

I wanted to post up that there will be an EvoSchool both Phase one and Phase two up at Crows landing, Ca Oct 19th and 20th.
Link to sign-up: https://www.motorsportreg.com/orgs/evol ... ving-schoo
Due to the high price of lots in So Cal, this will be the closest school offered!

Phase one.
This is the first step in autocross education where all students start. The daylong course builds students skills level via introducing new ideas to improve one's times. Students both ride and drive (using their own cars) with Evolution's trained, professional drivers (most of which are current or past National Solo Champions) to learn where they are fast and where they need to improve. Small student teacher ratio of insures quality instruction time.

Combined with race proven skills, concepts, and techniques, this course will improve the performance of all drivers on the both road and the track. Even experienced driver’s benefit from the Phase 1 course as a refresher for those things they’ve forgotten over the years or perhaps never learned. No matter what type of car you drive, the Phase 1 skills will improve your overall driving abilities.

Phase Two
Building upon the skills learned in Phase 1, the Phase 2 Evolution Drivers School takes the driver into new areas of mental race preparation, allowing the Phase 1 skills to be applied as second nature. Various driving exercises are conducted throughout the day to improve the driver’s visual and mental imaging of the course, resulting in quicker lap times.

This course has proven itself to reinforce the importance of Phase 1 skills and transferring those skills to every autocross course you may encounter. The Phase 2 course design is not the same as used in Phase 1 and generally has higher speed sections.

Note: Phase 2 students must first have completed the Phase 1 Program. As in Phase 1, students use their own cars and two driver cars are welcome. As usual, students will also be required to work course during part of the day.

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