Formula 1 and Formula ePrix fans

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Eddie Atherton
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Formula 1 and Formula ePrix fans

Post by Eddie Atherton » Mon Jul 03, 2017 2:44 pm

Just putting this out to see if there would be any interest.

Following every Formula 1 race, about 6 -> 9 hours later, I am (usually) able to pull down a copy the the UK Sky Sports coverage (my preference). This is usually the pre-race build-up, the complete race (without *ANY* interruptions) and the post-race wrap-up. Sometimes it's 3 separate files, sometimes just 1.

I don't know who does the coverage for Formula ePrix and I can't always find a copy.

All of these files are available on my Plex server and I'm willing to provide access to anyone who wants it. All you need is an account with Plex (plex dot tv) and one of their media players. The Windows one is free, the iOs, Android, and Roku are (I think) a one-off payment of about $5 and there are many other players as well.

Just shoot me a PM with your Plex user name and I'll send you an invite. If you also include an e-mail, we can use that instead of PMs, should there be a need.


I do know that I have the bandwidth to stream this stuff remotely for one or two users, but have never really tried with many more. How this works going forward could depend on how many people take me up on this offer and what quality stream is needed.

I also reserve the right to terminate this experiment at any time, although if it does get to that point, I will let people know ahead of time, and depending on my reasons maybe try to work out some sort of cap on the quality of stream available or time slicing/sharing.


Annant Taneja
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Re: Formula 1 and Formula ePrix fans

Post by Annant Taneja » Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:34 am

Another thing to be aware of is how multiple users will demolish your CPU if their client/device combo can't read the file's native format, requiring each stream to be live-transcoded.

I've got a sizeable plex library and would love to trade access for F1 access :) PM me?
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Johnny Dy
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Re: Formula 1 and Formula ePrix fans

Post by Johnny Dy » Sun Apr 22, 2018 10:21 am

Will take note of these information

Mark Morrey
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Re: Formula 1 and Formula ePrix fans

Post by Mark Morrey » Thu Sep 27, 2018 4:44 am

Do you still operate the server, Eddie? I'd love the access to the F1 footage on demand.

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