22inch carry-on roll-aboard airline luggae

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22inch carry-on roll-aboard airline luggae

Post by James Yom » Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:21 pm

I have a brand new 22 inch TravelPro roll-aboard carry-on for sale. It's called the TravelPro Flightcrew 5. It's a bag that is very popular with pilots and flight attendants, as they are very rugged, durable, and we'll designed. It's not for sale to the general public. This one is a specific "pilot" version that has additional bracing/guards on it for extra protection (we are hard on our bags). It's the biggest bag that can fit in the overhead compartment. Its also serviceable with things like wheels, wheel bearings easily replaceable. It is expandible by 2inches, and has really beefy zippers so they won't fail on a trip.

I've owned a Flightcrew 4 pilot for over 6 years, and it's still going on strong.

$150. It's normally sold for $170 plus shipping.

http://www.mypilotstore.com/MyPilotStor ... gJdTvD_BwE
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