Mobile Welding Service Recommendation or Request for Help

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Ryan Devlin
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Mobile Welding Service Recommendation or Request for Help

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Howdy -

I have a 2014 expedition that has a coolant pipe that's had a cut/hole worn into it. The line has been resting on the passenger side motor mount for a while unnoticed and finally burst. The joint has drained and can be cleaned up for welding relatively easily.

Would love to get a mobile welding service recommendation or if someone in the community is a good TIG welder, that'd be awesome (happy to compensate for the effort).

There is a good access to the joint from the passenger front fender and I think I can create enough clearance to get the torch in for a good weld.

I'd replace it, but the pipe runs the entire length of the vehicle and the body has to be pulled from the frame to get it out. It is sandwiched between the frame and body.

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