Leniency of height rule?

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Leniency of height rule?

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So I have a 2012 Mazda 5 that i'd like to run in H Street Class. Unfortunately, it violates the height rule by a slight margin (60.6in W x 63.1in H). The rulebook states that the height "rule" (track width/height) should be used as a guideline for determining car eligibility. That said, will I be given the boot when I show up to my first event? For context, the 5 is shorter than a Crosstrek with the same ride height as the smaller Mazda 3, so there's nothing heavy up there to reduce stability - Think 11th gen Civic hatch or gen3 Prius V in terms of length/width.
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Re: Leniency of height rule?

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Hi! Unless the car is listed in the SCCA Solo Rulebook, it should follow the height rule you mentioned. I didn't see the Mazda 5 listed as an eligible listed vehicle in HS, or any other class (let me know if you see it somewhere), and it doesn't follow the height rule, so you wouldn't be able to run the car at the event. Some exceptions, per the "guideline" you mentioned, are for some vehicles that we know will not have an issue (like an EV with a known low center of gravity). Some other issues at play are loosing event insurance through the SCCA in the unlikely event that something happened. There's a bit more to it than just height too. Some vehicles suspension design make some cars more prone to roll-over than just CG.

Also, for it to run in HS, it would need to be listed under that class as an eligible vehicle. If the vehicle wasn't listed in the rulebook, but it did follow the height rule, it could run in a practice event or a time only class.
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