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Harness Bar for Nissan 350z - $200

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 2:11 pm
by codea17
This bar is an awesome solution to safely and securely mount harnesses in your 350z without the added weight of a full roll bar.

Designed and built by a professional mechanical engineer using CAD. Made from 1.75x0.125" D.O.M. steel tubing bent by a reputable mandrel bending shop. FEA simulations show that it can withstand at least a 40 g impact with driver and passenger weighing 200 lbs each. Total cost was around $400 for parts and bending.

Mounts at the upper stock seatbelt bolts and pre-drilled holes in the trunk designed for child safety seats. No drilling required!

Paint condition is 7/10 with a few nicks and slight discoloration where the harnesses mounted.

Located in Pasadena for pickup, or I can bring to the next event.